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Sdyne’s Corporate Feed allows you to integrate the power of Seoq Predictions to your own applications.

All you need is to download the feed files (active x control or win api) and get a subscription to our site.

Trading is evolving to algorithmic trading, our vision goes ahead by providing best in class stock predictive data service for brokers, traders, fund managers and private investors.

We are committed to change the program trading philosophy by giving on time predictive opportunities that optimize short and medium term yields for most traded stocks of the American Market.

The Seoq® Predictive Panel is a high performance real-time process control architecture for predictive algorithmic trading of multiple asset classes.

Seoq® Predictive Feed allows business users to rapidly create and effectively deploy powerful predictive trading strategies which can be executed directly or made available to others as web-based strategy templates.

An automated predictive "opportunity" makes it possible to build and evolve the large-scale real-world real-time strategies you need to gain and keep the edge over your competition.

It delivers predictive information through an API for financial institutions and private investors. Seoq® Corp Feed allows you to know the future price of a stock equity. Seoq® Corp Feed is an innovative predictive corporate data feed that delivers a probability of reaching different target price levels at different time frames for most of the Standard & Poors 500 stock equities every 5 minutes. Seoq® Corp Feed is also powered by 4prox® Predictive Engine, and leaps forward by allowing you to keep probability history in any type-interface of your own proprietary system.

Who may find SCF useful?

  • Private investor who apply mid and high frequency trading and need a decision support application.
  • Corporate investors who need to add forecast on their analysis.
  • Algo-trading developers.
  • Brokers who maximize their customer wealth as well as their proprietary wealth.
  • Traders who maximize their trading strategy entry/exit points.
  • Fund Managers: Optimize their cash/equity flow entry point and exit point.
  • Private Investors: Signals to beat the market.

How does SCF work?

SFC works as a separate module that can easily add to an excel workbook, VB6 or even .Net application*.

Once added, all you need is to login (user your user and password) and then ask for Seoq Predictions in snapshot or follow up mode. SCF connects to our servers; they receive your petition and send back most recent stock predictions to you.

Depending of your subscription, SCF lets you open several sessions at once. You’ll the same data that Seoq Panel offers, but you’ll be able to manage it as you please. You may add it to you analytic reports or even to your automated trading system.

*Check our download section for release dates

Download Seoq Corp Feed to add Predictive Info to your trading algorithms
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