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Our vision goes ahead by providing best in class stock predictive data service for brokers, traders, fund managers and private investors. We are committed to change the program trading philosophy by giving on time predictive opportunities that optimize short and medium term yields for most traded stocks of the American Market.

The Seoq® Predictive Panel is a high performance real-time process control architecture for predictive algorithmic trading of multiple asset classes. Seoq® Predictive Panel allows business users to rapidly create and effectively deploy powerful predictive trading strategies which can be executed directly or made available to others as web-based strategy templates.

Seoq® Predictive Panel is an enterprise architecture which can be accessed directly via Internet through our website or linked to existing client corporate systems.

An automated predictive opportunity makes it possible to build and evolve the large-scale real-world real-time strategies you need to gain and keep the edge over your competition.

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